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Англійська для малят

My Family, My Friends and I – Я, моясім’яідрузі

Добірка віршів на тему “Я, моя сім’я і друзі”


I’m Not Very Big

I’m not very big, 
I’m not very small. 
I’m just seven years old, 
And that’s best of all.


My Week

On Monday I go to school. 
On Tuesday I swim in the pool. 
On Wednesday I feed my cat. 
On Thursday I clean my flat. 
On Friday I read a book. 
On Saturday I am a cook. 
On Sunday I lie in the sun
And just have fun.



It’s my birthday today. 
On my cake
I have 8 candles. 
What a happy day!


Happy Birthday!

Today’s the day
We get to say
We’re happy you were born –


I Can

I can read and I can write. 
I can swim and ride a bike. 
I can jump and I can hop. 
I can hop but I can’t stop.

I can count – one, two, three. 
I can say the ABC. 
I can run and I can sing. 
I can do anything.


Two Sizes

When I am with my daddy, 
I am very-very small. 
And with my baby brother, 
I am very-very tall!

Tall … small … hey! 
It is a funny rhyme! 
Two different sizes
I am at the same time.


Valentines for Everyone

To each and every friend of mine
I’ll send a lovely valentine. 
Mom, Sister, Dad, and Brother, too, 
Will get a heart with “I love you”.


I Have a Friend

I have a friend
Whose name is Jack, 
And we have fun together. 
We laugh and play
And sing all day
In any kind of weather.



Friends at school
Are big and small. 
Friends at school
Are best of all.


How Are You?

How are you? 
How are you? 
How are you, 
My dear friend? 
I am fine, 
I’m OK. 
We have got 
Nice time to spend.


Jingle Bells

Dashing through the snow,

in a one-horse open sleigh,

Over the fields we go,

laughing all the way.

Bells on bob-tails ring,

making spirits bright,

What fun it is to ride

and sing a sleighing song tonight.


Jingle bells, jingle bells,

jingle all the way!

O what fun it is to ride

in a one-horse open sleigh.

Jingle bells, jingle bells,

jingle all the way!

O what fun it is to ride

in a one-horse open sleigh.


A day or two ago,

I thought I’d take a ride

And soon Miss Fanny Bright,

was seated by my side;

The horse was lean and lank,

misfortune seemed his lot;

He got into a drifted bank



A day or two ago,

the story I must tell

I went out on the snow,

and on my back I fell;

A gent was riding by,

in a one-horse open sleigh

He laughed as there I sprawling lie



Now the ground is white,

go it while you’re young

Take the girls tonight,

and sing this sleighing song;

Just get a bob-tailed bay,

two-forty as his speed

Hitch him to an open sleigh

and crack, you’ll take the lead